The Beginning

Let me tell you the history about how i fell in love with the coolest kid in the world.
It was a sunny day and Manuel was turning 27 years old. We knew each other from school, we were friends at that time but continued different roads in different cities so we didn’t talk for a few years, then we started texting more often. I remember seeing him at a party, a few months before his birthday. I was so happy to see him again after all those years. I was living so far away, so texting was the only way to keep in touch.
After a few months, our friendship was pretty strong, and every time i got a message from him i had that “smile” (yeah, the one that teenagers put when see their prince charming).

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I was traveling because of my work, but i got to stay at my hometown for a few days. It was Manuel’s birthday! We were happy to celebrate it together. We went bowling, we saw a movie, and after that we bought some vodka and a couple of ICEEs and drove back to my house while listening to “La Mano Peluda” (scary stories on the radio). We made lollipop vodka drinks with the ICEE and started playing pool (i won several times :D) it was all happiness, and the bottle of vodka evaporated somehow.
We kissed that night, everything was pretty romantic and innocent 😀 i saw that night the most charming smile i have ever seen 😀 but unluckily i was leaving the next day, so things couldn’t make it to the next step at that time.
We kept texting each other every day for the next couple months, when he decided to visit me in Playa del Carmen. We both knew what we felt that night, so things were going on the right way. I must admit i was a little nervous, after being friend with someone for so long, and then all the feelings in your heart say you need to kiss him one more time, and another and always for the rest of your life.. hahaha i never had that feeling in my life!
That night we had some drinks with friends and then we went to the beach, we walked holding hands and kissed under the moonlight. ❤️
He decided to not use his return flight ticket and joined me in my 2,500km trip back to Saltillo, our hometown.
Our 3 days on the road from Playa del Carmen to Villahermosa, Puebla, San Luis Potosí and finally Saltillo can be resumed with this song.
Finally in Saltillo after all the wonderful stuff we lived, in July 24 we decided to become boyfriend & girlfriend!
And that’s all folks since then, we have been in love, everyday a little more 🙂


Our reunion was on Playa del Carmen, i was visiting to spend a friend’s birthday and to hang out with Xoch that time, i traveled by plane to Cancun where i had to wait nearly 2 hours before the bus going to Playa del Carmen was ready, luckily i had a ukulele with me (was afraid it was gonna be “misplaced” in the plane, but apparently everyone though it was one of those tiny guitars you see in every mexican market place) so i sat there playing for a while and kept looking at my cellphone with a giant grin on my face, as i was about to see Xoch once again.

The trip to Playa was slow and painful as with every minute the butterflies on my stomach grew more and more restless, once i saw here i knew this was gonna be it, with a single hello from her mouth it was more than enough to make it all worthwhile i though to myself.

After a spaghetti dinner with with some friends and new friends we went out for a night of drinking and very lousy dancing on my part, with a few beers on my stomach i finally gathered the strength to try to sneak a kiss, it was an innocent one on the cheek… and then quite a few more on the mouth (yeah just like the grown kids do!!) i could not for the life of me keep a space of more than 3 seconds without planting another one, we were happy, it wasn’t just drunkenness stupor it was real feelings that had been bottled up and finally had a release.

We walked under the moonlight shining over every little step we took that night, from holding hands to the first encounter i made with a beach, the cold salty breath of the ocean and the warm lips from the one you love are more than enough to sober you up and birth a thousand smiles every time you’re reminded of such feelings.

I stayed for a week, and right before i was returning, she asked me if id rather go with her, travel through Mexico, from Playa del Carmen back to Saltillo in car, that’s nearly 4 day trip rather than the fast way through plane which is nearly 2 hours, being in love and with the opportunity spend more time with Xoch my answer was simple enough a giant YES, so i missed mi flight and stayed a couple extra days.

Our first stop on the way back home was Villahermosa (it roughly translates to beautiful village, if I’ve learnt anything in my 30 years over this planet it’s that when they name something like that on a neighborhood or city it’s to hide something fishy), let me not speak much about this city since we’ve only been there a couple of times and only for short spans of time, but this time we were arriving around 9 pm, dark on a new unknown city on a small car filled to the top with personal objects and expensive computer devices; The last thing you wanna do in these conditions is roam around the city aimlessly searching for a hotel vacancy with either a closed parking lot or a first floor room with a window pointed at where you left your car (maybe it’s safer in another parts of the world, but we are paranoid here in Mexico).

We could not for the life of us find a single empty room, it was all full for a conference or something similar, we got lost a couple of times and nearly crashed… it was mostly my fault but i think they should put better signs on the streets ( i thought it was a one way street and saw as the lights kept getting bigger and bigger, until they started beeping, good stuff), the taxis drive really aggressively as-well. But let’s say it wasn’t the best first impression.

Second night we were at Puebla, now this is a nice place, we even managed to take a tour bus around the city early in the morning, i think we even appeared in a few police safety manuals, or at least that’s what they said when they took our pictures, who knows maybe they’re stealing our identity as we speak right now.

Third night was in San Luis Potosi, i don’t remember anything so I’ll make up a story… i mean this is what happened… We arrived and i think we ate some tacos (Mexican finest meal), that’s it uhmmm but it was a nice taco, so if you’re ever in the need for an ok taco, you should consider San Luis.

Anyway our trip ended without incidents, except that time we took a portal through Silent Hill in the mistiest mountain, other than that it was an amazing road trip full of laughter mostly on behalf of Xoch making fun of my constant joy while holding hands.

On a side note, we might go through Villa hermosa once again, so we’ll keep you posted on our arch nemesis.

Also published on Medium.

Also published on Medium.