The city of a thousand frogs

We’ve been in Guanajuato a few times before, never longer than a hangover and a few beers though, so this time around is different, after walking along the alleys and corridors that make up this gigantic maze that could have been designed by Escher himself, I’m pleased to bring you another tale of immense nonsensical facts intertwined with silly fiction (who can be bothered to look up for actual history when you have the power of your imagination to make things up).

We arrived at Guanajuato a cold night (cold for us summer birds and our fragile bones) with a smile on our faces a song in our hearts and an overwhelming feeling of relief as we had avoided another wheel mishap by taking a slightly different route.

As soon as we entered the city we did what comes most natural to us… we got lost, not so much but just enough to keep us on our toes, it’s a charming city full of tunnels and weirdly shaped streets, imagine trying to draw a circle with a track pad on your pc… but the track pad is full of spikes and a the sun is blinding you, that’s what Jaime Guanajuato had to do while using old school AutoCad software, so give him a break, it was his first big job…

Once we arrived at our new home for the month the nightmarish amount of stairs sank in to our brains as whe began the process of bringing all the stuff we’ve gathered through the years (it’s nothing short of a miracle that we’re able to move so much stuff in such a small car), I must say it feels great to be able to carry stuff through a flight of stairs and not feel like you’re melting, this feeling goes away shortly after you’ve cooled down and the paranoia of being frozen starts to set in.

Next thing we did was order some local food, there’s this little place called Dominos that brings authentic Guanajuato pizza to your door, apparently most of the actual restaurants don’t deliver on account of them leaving a bunch of people down, at least that’s what the first place we called told us, still any meal was good after a whole day in the car driving.

Now we’re what the locals call as native, we’ve learned the customs and dress as to not offend the gods, early morning we do all the necessary dances and late at night we carry the flame with us through the building to scare bad yuyu in what the locals call “crazy tourist walk”, exploring the city is actually quite fun, the return is what might kill you if you do not pace yourself since it’s mostly walking uphill (at least in our case, so be weary).

You might be wondering what about the frogs man, i only came here to read about them… well aren’t you a little bit jumpy today (hahaha frog joke… I know it’s stale), so let me tell you about those little green guys… we’re yet to see one in the whole city, but that does not stop them from having frogs on every corner, you’ll see a sculpture of a frog, napkin holders about them in the fondas (homely restaurants),flower pots, etc. we’ve yet to decipher this strange phenomenon but as soon as we find out you’ll be the first one to know.

And so we leave you with the same question you came here, we’re all about the click bait, you can always visit Guanajuato and find out for yourself just how lost can you get in a single day then try to beat it the next one.