Waterfall circuit in la Huasteca Potosina

Last week we went on a tour through a few of the waterfalls here in the Huasteca at San Luis Potosi, we’ve been avoiding the drive to keep our energy for all the walking, though it was not as heavy as i was thinking and being stuck in a van with 12 other people sure gives you time to let your imagination fly… or fall asleep in-between locations.

We started our journey in Ciudad Valles (we’ll be staying here for a month or so) it’s a small town with all the commodities of a big city and twice the heat (40 degrees for everyone using centigrades or 104 Fahrenheit if you’d like) it’s enough to make your brain melt at night; we’re hoping it lowers with rain season.

Started our Sunday with a nutritious apple and a belly full of excitement (we’ve been cooked up in Saltillo for the last 4 months so… you know), the ride got at our place around 9 am and some 40 minutes later we were arriving at our first waterfall Caida del Toro (Bull’s fall) probably 20 to 30 meters high, don’t let that intimidate you it’s not as aggressive as it sounds, though the waterfall didn’t allow me to breath while we were trying to get on the underside, should have looked down but at the time that simple solution did not cross my mind until Xoch pointed it to me, but that was when we were both inside, my sloppy swimming didn’t help either, so as you can guess we went swimming, the water was somewhat cold but with this heat it was a welcomed change.

At this stop we saw another group doing a similar route yet theirs involved jumping the smaller falls (4 to 6 meters) while ours was only sightseeing and swimming. This waterfall is near a power plant so the walk is paved and has around 60 to 70 steps.

Our next stop was at Minas Viejas (Old mines) beautiful place with designated camping spots if you’re into that kind of thing, and here they practice the whole descent in rappel, the color of the water mixed between a clear blue and pale green, really transparent, it has a few natural pools for you to swim and a couple of jumps if you’re feeling brave enough (we were put on the spot by the tour guide so we had to jump to prove ourselves, it was a small jump probably 3 meters or less but when you’re standing on the edge it seems like a giant step, only when you jump your brain realizes it was a mistake and your heart races laughing as you hit the water at what seems high speeds, only to realize it was not a big deal a few minutes later).

The last waterfall El Salto (The Jump)  was kinda dry (what a plot twist…) this is only because the rain season is not yet upon us so only the pools of water remain, it’s really large in scope, probably even more so when the water is flowing, though we were told that sometimes this causes the pools to overrun and people are not allowed inside for safety reasons, here we climbed a large rock formation in the middle of the largest pool, we had the whole place for us, I’m guessing is not as popular as the other ones.

We finished the tour with a nice meal followed by a lemon pie piece, all in all it was a great experience i would rate 3 out of 4 baby bird chirps.