La Escobilla and other cleaning supplies stories

It’s that time of the week children, yes when old uncle Manuel tells us another creepy Halloween themed story, or one where he actually left the house for once.

Our story begins in this beautiful ghost town of Huatulco; it’s a nice little trip around 6 to 8 hours from Oaxaca and around at least 1000 turns too many in what’s one of the curviest highways in Mexico that i’ve seen, but that’s not the story i’m just making conversation with myself… Anyway we started by making a reservation a day earlier ( that’s how all spooky stories begin), a creepy reservation… that granted us entrance to ancient turtle burial grounds where thousands and thousands of turtles leave their haunted deceased young ones, and after some 90 days in the ground… they sprout up like a tiny army of cute zombie turtles which then proceeds the painstaking process of following their nose to the sea, where they’ll roam the ocean eating sea grass… and brains (or so they say in the book of biology from 5th grade, which incidentally had lots of swear words from the previous owner).

The tour we took started near dawn, with amazing reds and oranges covering the entire beach, it’s a sight to be seen, although i must admit it was really crowded, both from turtles and people watching which might or might not disturb the turtles while dropping their unhatched zombie offspring’s in the sand, there’s a regulatory safe distance that you must keep at all times to avoid an awkward situation ( making eye contact with a sea turtle while it’s giving birth rates pretty high in the scale ) and while pretty much no one followed the rules strictly, you can get fairly close and even save a few little zombies along the way by moving them from the path of the giants that are just arriving to place their eggs

Here’s the part where people will say, you monster don’t disturb the turtles, and while i wholeheartedly agree, it’s hard seeing the little fellas being trampled by the adults, it’s no excuse but i stand with my decision.

We were told that the security has been really amped to keep poachers from stealing the eggs ( it wasn’t a crime till not so long ago, you could see people selling the eggs for consumption ), though it still happens from time to time, and some feral dogs do it as well to keep themselves alive ( neuter your dog so it doesn’t leave cannibal puppies or they’ll eat the unsuspected zombie child of a turtle, that’s the lesson here ) , so to keep tabs on every nest they patrol the beaches at night, some other campments collect the eggs and hatch them in safe locations, and then proceed to free them on the weekends where they teach children about the turtles life before giving each a tiny turtle to set free in the ocean.

So if you take anything from this post let it be this one, stay clear from the turtles and their evil evil yet cute zombie children, and leave their care to the professionals, we don’t need another casualty in our hands… not again.

On a side note that same day i inadvertedly feed the car a plastic bag, it sucked it from beneath the AC vent, and it only took us 1 whole week to get it out (we’re the best mechanics), so those days we were stuck with only the air that got in from the windows, to avoid ripping the bag and causing us more grief, by the end we were extra sweaty and sticky.